Call for Bid ICASA 2015 International Conference On Hiv/Aids And Sti’s In Africa


Invitation to Bid to Host the 18th International Conference on Hiv/Aids and Sti’s in Africa (Icasa 2015)

The Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA) hereby Represented by its President; Professor Robert B. Soudre, invites African countries wishing to host the 18th International Conference on HIV/AIDS and STIs in Africa in 2015 (ICASA 2015) to send in their application bid document to the SAA Secretariat in Accra- Ghana, Closing date for submission of Application 14th December, 2012.

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ICASA 2015 will be the 18th International Conference on HIV/AIDS and STI in Africa to be organized by the Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA).

Any African country is eligible to be considered to host ICASA. However, certain criteria must be fulfilled to qualify for selection.

The procedure for application is as follows:



Interested country should submit a bid document of intent to the SAA Secretariat backed up with detailed proof of evidence of the following information:

1. Strong Government political will to host the conference.

2. Strong financial commitment of the government to the conference. (At least 20% of what the total cost would be.)

3. Availability of standard hotel to accommodate up to 10,000 participants as well as conference venue(s) with standard conference facilities.

4. Good transportation network within the country.

5. Good tele-communication network within country with links with other African countries and international communities.

6. Presence of cohorts of scientific leadership, civil societies, organized groups of PLHIV, private sectors, youth organizations oriented towards HIV/AIDS related activities.

7. Easy access by air and by road where needed.

8. Recognizable presence of Government organ/body responsible for HIV/AIDS coordination in the country.

9. Good security network to protect participants’ safety.

10. Guaranty easy visa facilities and assistance to conference participants and no restriction to entry for PLHIV, MSM and other minorities group.

11. Political stability.

12. No discriminatory government policies based on gender, HIV status and religion.

The detailed bid document of intent backed up with evidence should reach the Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA) Secretariat both by email, attachments and by courier services to the SAA President:

Society for AIDS in AFRICA

SAA Permanent Secretariat Accra

P.O. Box 2072

Plot Container 58 Otano Estates,

BehindNHTC, Adjiringano


Mob: (+226) 70 20 46 20 or (+ 233) 54 37 48 78 1

Office Line: (+ 233) 30 29 13 73 9

Accra- Ghana


(a) Submitted applications will be evaluated by Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA) Council members whereby 2 countries will be preselected, based on meeting the criteria as listed in Step 1.

(b) The 2 preselected countries will be visited by 2 – 3 Council members to assess the best country to host ICASA 2015. The preselected countries will invite SAA for the two days assessment visit before 15th Mars 2013.

Please note:

i. The process of preselection will be concluded by the latest 20th December 2012, followed by the notification to the 2 countries.

ii. Prior to final selection of the host country of ICASA 2015, and before a notification letter will be sent to the selected  country an MOU will be signed between the selected country and Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA) the custodian of ICASA.

iii. After SAA Council members’ deliberation the host country of ICASA 2015 will be notified on the 10th June 2013, followed by a press communiqué.

iv. SAA President is ICASA 2015 Chair, the host country will appoint a Co chair for  ICASA 2015 in consultation with SAA. The Council reserves the right to revoke the hosting right of a country if there are reasonable doubts of ability to deliver.


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