Call for Emerging Voices for Global Health (EV4GH): AIDS in Africa, ICASA 2013.


HIV460x276Call for Emerging Voices for Global Health (EV4GH): AIDS in Africa, ICASA 2013.
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Application deadline: 20 June 2013.

20 JUNE IS THE DEADLINE FOR ON-LINE APPLICATIONS FOR EV4GH 213: AIDS IN AFRICA, linked to ICASA 2013 in Cape Town (7-11 December). If you missed the 1 June Expression of Interest date you can still apply. ICASA abstracts must be submitted to quality for EV4GH, also by 20 June. Thank you for sending expressions of interest for all three tracks – you have helped our planning enormously! Go to for detailed instructions.

Please encourage promising PhD’s, Postdocs and junior researchers to apply for this excellent opportunity.

Emerging Voices for Global Health (EV4GH) is a blended training program for young researchers on health research and scientific communication. EV4GH trains Emerging Voices to participate actively in international conferences and to raise their voice in global policy and scientific debates. EV4GH 2013 will link with ICASA 2013, the largest HIV conference in Africa, to be held in Cape Town from December 7-11.

We are looking for young individuals who want to deepen their own expertise in the field of HIV; to cross disciplinary and sectoral boundaries and learn from and with colleagues who are addressing HIV in Africa, and who are committed to developing a well-argued viewpoint to make their voice heard. We are looking for Emerging Voices who may primarily identify with various fields HIV, youth and community development, gender equality and GBV, health systems research, migration and urbanization, and others who can contribute new ideas and new approaches to the fight against HIV in Africa.
EV4GH 2013 aims to engage the full range of research and policy perspectives needed to address HIV in the post-MDG era, in line with the Getting to Zero and multiple tracks of ICASA 2013. HIV is now a chronic condition, yet it is linked to social, power, and relationship dynamics in ways that cannot be addressed through medical or even health perspectives alone. Within the broad field of HIV in Africa, EV4GH 2013 will have 3 thematic tracks: a clinical track, a prevention track, and a health systems track.

If you fit this profile, are under 40 years of age (born after 1 January 1973); are a researcher, a decision maker, or a practitioner involved in HIV/AIDS in Africa or ready to contribute new ideas to the fight against HIV; and can time to this training including full three weeks in Cape Town from 25 November till 13 December 2013; you are invited to apply.
UWC’s Centre for Research in HIV and AIDS (CRHA) particularly invites applications for Emerging Voices linked to our annual HIV In Context Symposia (Themes: Public Health in the Age of HIV; New Research in Gender, Violence and HIV; Building and AIDS-Free South Africa – the Classroom and Beyond; Urbanisation, Inequality and HIV) and to research and training programmes linked to CRHA and the School of Public Health.

For more information, contact

Christina Zarowsky, MD, PhD
Professor, School of Public Health
Director, UWC HIV Research Centre
University of the Western Cape
Private Bag X17,
Bellville 7535, South Africa
tel: +27 21 959 9394
fax: +27 21 959 2872


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