Declarnation of the international conference on AIDS ad Sexually transmitted infections in Africa -ICASA 2011 Addis.


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We the Delegate of the 16th Session of ICASA:

i.                    Recognize the gravity of the HIV pandemic  and the magnitude of the global response it generated;

ii.                  Further recognize that millions of lives are saved and the progress of the disease is halted in many countries because of the concerted efforts and the global solidarity against HIV;

iii.                Deeply concerned that, while the use of anti retroviral drugs for treatment and prevention has dramatically reduced the mortality from the disease and rekindled the hope of wiping out the scourge from the face of the earth, the recently reviewed approach of resources disbursement by the Global Fund comes at the worst possible time in the global HIV response;

iv.                Noted that the consequences of sudden withdrawal of resources would result in reversing the hard earned gains so far and cause more avoidable loss of life;

v.                  Cognizant of the fact that many African countries will be severely challenged to provide the life saving anti retro viral treatment (ART) for people already on it leave alone scaling it up.


Call upon:


1-    All contributors to the Global Fund mechanism to continue their investment in global health through their contributions to the Global Fund and rally to reverse the decision to reschedule the round eleven disbursements, thereby saving 100,000 lives every month through the fund’s programs.


2-    All African governments and political leaders to demonstrate their ownership of the HIV & AIDS response and be accountable to the various declarations of commitment they are signatories to through the provision of  local resources for HIV & AIDS, Tuberculosis, malaria and the improvement of the health systems of their respective countries.


8th December, 2011, Millennium Conference Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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