ICASA 2015 Host Country Preselection result


Press Communiqué: Pre-selection

for ICASA 2015 Host Country completed

It is now certain that either Ghana or Tunisia would be hosting the 18th International Conference on HIV/AIDS and STI’s in Africa ,(ICASA 2015). Registered Society for AIDS in Africa members made the pre-selection for Tunisia, Ghana and Congo.

Tunisia had the highest votes with 964, Ghana came second with 734 and Congo came third with 578.

Though all African countries were eligible to be considered to host ICASA, they had to meet certain criteria in order to qualify for selection. They are

  1. Strong Government political will ,to host the conference.
  2. Strong financial commitment of the government to the conference. (At least 20% of what the total cost would be.)
  3. Availability of standard hotels to accommodate up to 10,000 participants, as well as conference venue(s) with standard conference facilities.
  4. Good transportation network within the country.
  5. Good tele-communication network within country with links with other African countries and international communities.
  6. Presence of cohorts of scientific leadership, civil societies, organized groups of PLHIV, private sectors, youth organizations oriented towards HIV/AIDS related activities.
  7. Easy access by air and by road where needed.
  8. Recognizable presence of Government organ/body responsible for HIV/AIDS coordination in the country.
  9. Good security network to protect participants’ safety.
  10. Guaranty easy visa facilities and assistance to conference participants and no restriction to entry for PLHIV, MSM and other minorities group.
  11. Political stability.
  12. No discriminatory government policies based on gender, HIV status and religion.

conferenceEach criteria was scored from one to ten. The Two bids, Tunisia and Ghana, which had the highest scores have been presented to SAA Governing Board, for final selection of the ICASA 2015 Host Country.

ICASA, is in response to the challenges posed by the HIV/AIDS scourge in Africa. The motion for the hosting of the International Conference, on African soil, was moved by prominent African scientists at a meeting in Italy in 1987. Three years later, the Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA) was established as the organizational custodian of ICASA. The 17th ICASA takes place in Cape Town, South Africa in December 7th to 11. The 18th ICASA would be held in either Tunisia or Ghana.


Society for AIDS in Africa
Permanent Secretariat

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